Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal, discover everything about this area

Written by François Beaubien-Plante| Montreal neighborhoods

Everything to know about the Plateau Mont-Royal

Appartogo Plateau-Mont-Royal Map

As dazzling in winter under the snow as it is in spring with its flowering trees, the Plateau Mont-Royal is a popular borough of Montreal. Far from the crowds of tourists, this area enjoys the authenticity of Montreal while offering clothing shops, restaurants and many activities! Let's discover together this neighborhood that does not leave indifferent ...

Architecture and culture in Plateau-Mont-Royal

What is impressive when you arrive in this area is this calm and greenery. It is a neighbourhood in which locals and passers-by always feel good. Considered to be a young and creative neighborhood, it offers a beautiful architectural variety. The duplexes and triplexes are accessible via colorful staircases and refined design. Enough to take hundreds of photos, each more original than the others. Not to mention the many street art works covering the walls of some buildings!

The popularity of this area is also due to the fact that it is not necessary to own a car at Plateau Mont-Royal. Indeed, it is served by three metro stations and is lined with many bike paths, making it easier to travel by bicycle.

Its position is ideal, the area is close to the city centre as well as many large Montreal parks. Similarly, some major cultural institutions are just minutes from the Plateau. The housing supply is quite substantial. With a good search, you should be able to find an apartment to rent in Plateau-Mont-Royal. Start your search for an apartment in Plateau-Mont-Royal on Appartogo.

Restaurants in Plateau-Mont-Royal

Many famous restaurants are located in this borough of Montreal. If you haven't tasted Montreal bagel yet, we can only advise you to visit the St-Viateur Bagel restaurant.

Bagel St-Viateur

In Quebec, you know it well: it’s impossible not to eat poutine. The Plateau-Mont-Royal is home to a significant number of specialists in this field. If we were to recommend only one, it would be La Banquise. Don't know what a poutine is? It is a dish consisting of french fries and cheeses in grains covered by a brown sauce. A real delight! This Plateau-Mont-Royal restaurant is ideal for enjoying this dish.

In a completely different style, head to Arepera du Plateau, a restaurant offering Venezuelan cuisine. Vegetarians and vegans, you are not left out of Arepera: the menu is very varied and the dishes are suitable for all tastes. Take your takeaway order and eat at the Azores Park a stone's throw from the restaurant. After your meal, enjoy a good Café Névé!

What activities should be done at Plateau-Mont-Royal?

Within this borough, you will find many parks, the most imposing of which are La Fontaine Park, Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Park and Mount Royal Park. If you like nature and like to go for regular walks, opt for an apartment to rent in Plateau-Mont-Royal near these parks.

Parc Mont-Royal

There are many activities to do in Plateau-Mont-Royal. Start by hunting the green alleys. Fall into a timeless path where greenery and nature regain their rights. To discover all the green streets of Montreal, you can use this map.

Enter a warehouse on St-Viateur and Gaspé streets to find a boulder climbing wall. A very fun physical activity! In another register, the Plateau-Mont-Royal is renowned for its adepts of elegance and therefore, of shopping! Find General 54 and Unicorn for women, and Frank and Oak for men.

Are you looking for an apartment in Plateau-Mont-Royal? Discover the best tips to make your search easier.