The Best Tips to Make Your Apartment Search Easier

Written by François Beaubien-Plante| Tips

Best tips to make your apartment search easier

Are you looking for an apartment to rent? If a tempting offer may fall from the sky, reality can still bring its share of disappointments. So how do you make sure you're betting on the right apartment? And above all, how do you avoid wasting your time? We share with you some tips that should make it easier for you to find the perfect apartment.

The Best Tips to Make Your Apartment Search Easier

Before : Gather information to avoid wasting your time

When you get into the apartment viewing game, you are often tempted to visit all that is available without really setting any pre-criteria. However, even if the real estate love at first sight does exist, there are certain criteria which should not be forgotten. It's up to you to list yours and make sure that the apartment you are going to visit fulfills them all.

The neighborhood: The first thing to do is to check that the neighborhood is easily accessible and close to the places where you usually go (work, family). If you don't have a car, make sure it is well served by public transport. Discover Montreal's neighborhoods through the City of Montreal website.

The amount of the rent: Even by reducing other expense items, beyond a certain amount you will no longer be able to keep up. Set a tight budget and be sure to check whether the rent includes or excludes common charges like electricity or heat, it can make a big difference in your budget. You can get the average rent in the different neighborhoods of Montreal on our Statistics page.

The area and number of rooms: How many square feet of living space does the apartment have and how many rooms does it have? If you dream of a large, bright and trendy loft, a single room, no matter how large, is not ideal for a large family and probably not worth the trip.

The little details to check during an apartment visit

During: The little details to check during an apartment visit

You have finally selected several listings and scheduled a few visits. Before you start, list the little details to pay attention to when you discover your potential future place to live!

Brightness: While an apartment is to be spacious and well located, aspects that could be considered "secondary" should not be overlooked. If you are visiting your apartment in the middle of the day and it feels like the middle of the night, it may be a good idea to turn on your heels. A dark apartment can not only cost you money in lighting, it can also hurt your morale.

Insulation: It is not necessarily easy to check the thermal and sound insulation of an apartment, but these are two crucial points. So, don't hesitate to inspect the doors and windows to watch for drafts and depending on your time of visit, ask to come back in the evening, when all the tenants of the building are normally at home and still awake. This will give you a better idea of the sound insulation level.

Condition of the walls: A damaged wall is often a sign of dampness in the apartment. Observe the paint and wallpaper carefully. Swelling, a bit of loose paper, or a sign of seepage on the wall are all signs that should alert you.

After the visit

Congratulations, you have found the apartment of your dreams and your application was accepted by the owner who offered you a rental contract. However, do not neglect to study every detail of the lease agreement: duration, notice, exceptional conditions, nothing should escape you.

Don't hesitate to seek professional advice!