Montreal neighborhood: Hochelaga - Maisonneuve


Everything to know about Hochelaga - Maisonneuve

A former working-class district of Montreal, Hochelaga - Maisonneuve is one of Montreal largest borought, with over 135,000 inhabitants. This neighborhood is also called HoMa by montrealers.


The name Hochelaga comes from the name of a Native American village discovered by explorer Jacques Cartier in the 16th century, on the side of Mount Royal. The city of Hochelaga was annexed to Montreal in 1883 in order to administer the funds necessary for the construction of sewers and streets. Being in excessive debt as a result of the construction of magnificent public buildings in the late 19th century, the town of Maisonneuve had to be merged with the city of Montreal due to the economic crisis of the 1910s.


This district is typical of Montreal, with its houses and their staircases strewing the sidewalks. HoMa is one of the districts in which real estate construction is the most active in the metropolis. Therefore, you won't have any problems finding an apartment to rent in Hochelaga – Maisonneuve!


What to do in Hochelaga - Maisonneuve?


The Hochelaga - Maisonneuve district is charming. With many cafes, shops and its lively alleys, you will never be bored!


To start your trip to the heart of this district, you can't miss the formidable Maisonneuve market. You will find local producers there and can taste the local flavors. Specialists are passionate too: don't hesitate to start the discussion and find out more about the origin of their products. They will be happy to answer you.


Then go to Château Dufresne for a visit of an exceptional place. This Beaux-Arts-style castle built at the end of the First World War is classified as a heritage building. Here you can admire paintings, sculptures, furniture, porcelain, objects and clothing dating from the industrial era. The bonus not to be missed: the castle still includes the oldest stained glass workshop in Quebec. The place is maintained by the master Guido Nincheri.


dufresne castle


Finally, you can stroll around the Biodôme de Montréal, located in the city's former Velodrome. It now houses a veritable living museum. The exhibition is divided into four zones representing the four ecosystems found on the continent: the tropical rainforest, the Laurentian forest, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the North Pole.


Where to eat in Hochelaga - Maisonneuve?


After so many walks and activities, it's time to find a restaurant in Hochelaga - Maisonneuve! To start, we suggest you go to the restaurant Hélicoptère (Helicopter restaurant). Renowned in the neighborhood, this restaurant offers local dishes and showcases Quebec products and producers. Between an extraordinary chef, pastries to eat without hunger and quality wine offered by the sommelier, you can treat yourself with local products.


helicoper restaurent


For brunch, lunch or dinner, Les Affamés always has a dish for you. Their cuisine showcases fresh Quebec products on plates combining delicacies and vegetables. The menu varies with the seasons, it is pleasant to always find variety in the good dishes offered by the house.


Finally, for a delicious pizza accompanied by a glass of wine, we recommend Heirloom. A good wood-fired pizza or fresh homemade pasta tempt you? Eat in or take out, Heirloom is ideal for enjoying a meal with friends or family!


heirlroom restaurent


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