3,950$ 2 Chambres
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2 bedroom apartment of 850 sq. ft in Vancouver

Vancouver | Metro Vancouver


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1188 Bidwell is a distinctively modern, classically detailed boutique high-rise. The building design echoes a perceived West End ‘vernacular’ of sometimes decorative mid-twentieth-century International-Style Modernism that, in the West End, often incorporates geometric patterning of chevron, diamond, rounded or angled forms combined with frequent use of horizontal ribbon windows and upturn balcony edges.
Shared amenity spaces include a wide range of features for these pet-friendly residences including large outdoor terrace areas, indoor lounge rooms, a double height lobby, a workroom, a large fitness room, bike repair and car wash facilities along with the required complement of enclosed bicycle parking and bulk storage areas for each suite.
The colour palette is kept minimal using the contrast of white materials against darker window frames and panels. White oak wood flooring takes you from one space to another, creating an effortless, open flexibility. Efficient plans and generous windows amplify the feeling of spaciousness, while modern design and details elevate these homes to an enviable level.
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