4 1/2 in a Co-op, 524$ a month (non subsidized), 3rd floor.

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Date d'aménagement: 1 Dec 2020


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 524$ a month (nothing included)  2 bedrooms (for 2 adults or a family with 1 child);  76 m² surface;  Large back yard, shared with the other members;  Liability insurance mandatory;

1 min walk from Leber and Marguerite-Bourgeois Parks and Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic, 5 min walk from PSC’s YMCA, 1 min away from both Jeanne-Leber and St. Gabriel elementary schools. 12-15 min walk from Charlevoix metro station.

Only those who are willing to undertake various coop tasks will be considered. We are looking for people who have manual skills, skills in administration, management, writing, gardening or other areas.

Those interested must attach a letter of application with their Email mentioning the reasons for wanting to join the coop, experience of involvement in the community (volunteer or work-related), skills that could benefit the coop. The apartment will be available December 1st or January 1st. Please indicate the number of people in your household, your possible move-in date and any other relevant information.. References will be requested. You must submit to a credit check.

Please send your application to the selection committee before November 1st, 2020: By Email: coophabitationfortune@gmail.com Or by mail: Fortune Housing Coop CP 65047 BP Charlevoix Montreal, Quebec H3K 0K4

À Proximité

Station Charlevoix (1000m)


Pointe St-Charles, Montréal, H3K 2R7
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